Arts, North Dakota Council on the

Type of Board: Agency/Policy Making Pay/Benefits: State Rate
Voting Members: 9 Other Members: 0
Non-Voting Members: 1 Created by: NDCC § 54-54
Length of Terms: 5 years, 1 term limit (may be reappointed after a 1 year period following expiration of term) (due consideration must be given to the recommendations made by representative civic, educational, and professional associations and groups, concerned with or engaged in the production or presentation of the performing and fine arts generally)
Frequency of Meetings: 3 times a year
Address: 1600 E Century Avenue Suite 6 Bismarck, ND 58503
Phone: (701) 328-7592
Fax: (701) 328-7595
Contact: Kim Konikow
The Council's duties are to promote the study and presentation of the traditional and fine arts. It is the agency charged with the regranting of funds from state and federal sources designated for are programs. Other than the Chairman, no member may serve more than five consecutive years. Members may be reappointed after a 1-year period following the expiration of his/her term. Members are broadly representative of all fields of the performing and fine art. The governor designates a chairman and vice-chairman from the members of the Council and they serve at the pleasure of the governor.

Member Name Position Work County Appt. Date Term Ends
Gordon, Melissa Region 7 (701) 400-2559 Burleigh 8/1/2015 7/31/2020
Jollie-Trottier, Tami Region 3 (701) 550-7606 9/12/2019 7/31/2023
Kapplinger, Kent Region 5 (701) 231-8360 Cass 8/1/2019 7/31/2024
Klingenstein, Beth (701) 328-7592 Burleigh
Krieger, Onesti Region 1 (701) 570-0579 Williams 8/1/2017 7/31/2022
Laudenschlager, Megan Region 2 (701) 303-0840 Ward 8/1/2019 7/31/2024
Montgomery, Emily Region 4 (701) 746-5500 Grand Forks 8/1/2015 7/31/2020
Swedlund, Searle Region 6 - Chairman (701) 306-6255 Barnes 8/1/2017 7/31/2022
Vacancy Vacant - Region 8 Terms 7/31/2023
Vacancy Vacant - Member at Large - terms 7/31/2022