Cares, North Dakota

Type of Board: Task Force Pay/Benefits:
Voting Members: 8 Other Members: 0
Non-Voting Members: 0 Created by: Executive Order 2015-05
Executive Order
Length of Terms: Open
Frequency of Meetings: As needed at the call of the Chairperson
Address: Bismarck, ND 58506
Phone: (701) 333-2012
Fax: (701) 333-2017
Contact: Darcie Handt
Charged with improving collaboration and coordination on behavioral health services for service members, veterans, and their families and survivors. ND Cares shall consist of: 3 members appointed by the Governor; the Commissioner of the ND Dept. of Veterans Affairs or the Commissioner's designee; the Adjutant General, or the Adjutant General's designee; the Executive Director of the Dept. of Human Services, or the Executive Director's designee; the State Health Officer, or the State Health Officer's designee; the Director of the Fargo VA Health Care System, or the Director's designee . The Governor shall select the chairperson from among the members.

Member Name Position Work County Appt. Date Term Ends
Black, Robert Appointed (701) 254-4511 Emmons 12/1/2016 Open
Dohrmann, MG Alan Adjutant General (701) 333-2002 Burleigh 12/13/2015 Open
Liversage, LaVonne VA Health Care System (800) 410-9723 Cass 1/11/2016 Open
Sagness, Pamela DHS Ex. Director's Designee (701) 328-8920 Burleigh 1/8/2015 Open
Sprynczynatyk, Connie Appointed - Chairperson Burleigh 1/8/2015 Open
Traynor, Alison State Health Officer's Designee (701) 328-4580 Burleigh 7/1/2015 Open
Wangen, Lonnie VA Commissioner (701) 239-7165 Cass 8/25/2015 Open
Whitesell, Cynthia Appointed (701) 723-2754 Ward 9/10/2015 Open