Board Details

Occupational Therapy Practice, Board of

Type of Board: Regulatory/Licensing Pay/Benefits: State Rate
Voting Members: 5 Other Members: 1
Non-Voting Members: 0 Created by: NDCC § 43-40-04
Length of Terms: 3 years, 2 term limit
Frequency of Meetings: 2 times a year, and at the call of the chairman
Address: PO Box 4005 Bismarck, ND 58502-4005
Phone: (701) 250-0847
Fax: (701) 224-9824
There is established a board of occupational therapy practice. The board shall consist of five members appointed by the governor, all of whom must be residents of this state. The occupational therapy practitioners appointed must have been engaged in rendering occupational therapy services to the public, teaching, or research in occupational therapy for at least three years immediately preceding their appointments. Three board members must be licensed occupational therapists. One member must be a licensed occupational therapy assistant. One member must represent the public with an interest in the rights of the consumers of health services. No person may serve more that 2 consecutive terms.

Member Name Position Work County Appt. Date Term Ends
Dickson, JoLynn Occupational Therapy assistant (218) 230-8749 Grand Forks 1/1/2015 12/31/2017
Neigum, Angie Consumer Member (701) 527-6144 Burleigh 1/1/2017 12/31/2019
Nielsen, Sarah Occupational Therapy (701) 777-2208 Grand Forks 1/1/2016 12/31/2018
Salzwedel, Janet Occupational Therapist (701) 280-4070 Cass 12/31/2012 12/31/2018
Simmons, Jacinda Board Administrator (701) 250-0847 Burleigh Open
Waind, Marsha Ann Occupational Therapist (701) 780-2347 Grand Forks 7/10/2012 12/31/2017