Social Work Examiners, North Dakota Board of

Type of Board: Regulatory/Licensing Pay/Benefits: State Rate
Voting Members: 7 Other Members: 0
Non-Voting Members: 0 Created by: NDCC § 43-41-08
Length of Terms: 3 years, 2 term limit
Frequency of Meetings: 4 times a year, including conference calls
Address: PO Box 914 Bismarck, ND 58502-0914
Phone: 701-222-0255
Fax: 701-224-9824
Contact: Nikki Owings
The Board licenses social workers in North Dakota and handles complaints. The governor appoints two licensed social workers; one licensed certified social workers; one licensed independent clinical social worker; and two public members. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms.

Member Name Position Work County Appt. Date Term Ends
Allery, Rhonda Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker (701) 662-7050 Benson 7/1/2018 6/30/2021
Bell, Bianca Licensed Master Social Worker Burleigh 7/16/2019 6/30/2022
Griffin, Connor Public Member (701) 451-2629 Cass 7/31/2019 6/30/2020
Hammarsten, Holly Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker Burleigh 7/1/2019 6/30/2022
Pedersen, Cory Public Member (701) 222-6709 Burleigh 7/1/2018 6/30/2021
Vacancy Vacancy - Licensed Clinical Social Worker (8/1/2019 to 7/31/2021)
Vacancy Vacancy - Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Terms 6/30/2022)