Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact Commission

Type of Board: Advisory Pay/Benefits:
Voting Members: 4 Other Members: 0
Non-Voting Members: 0 Created by: NDCC § 8-11.1
Length of Terms: Open
Frequency of Meetings:
Address: 641 East Butterfield Road Suite 401 Lombard, IL 60148-5651
Phone: (630) 810-0210
Fax: (630) 810-0145
Website: www.miprc.org
Identify and seek to develop ways that states can form partnerships including with rail industry and labor. To seek development of a long-term, interstate plan for high speed rail passenger service implementation

Member Name Position Work County Appt. Date Term Ends
Koppelman, Representative Kim Governor's Designee (701) 282-9267 Cass Open
Ming, Dennis Private Sector Burleigh Open
Vacancy Senate Legislative Appointment (open)
Vacancy House Legislative Appointment (open)