Oil and Gas Research Council

Type of Board: Advisory Pay/Benefits: expense reimbursement
Voting Members: 7 Other Members: 0
Non-Voting Members: 2 Created by: NDCC § 54-17.6-05
Length of Terms: 3 years, no term limits
Frequency of Meetings: Call of the Chair
Address: State Capitol - 14th Floor Bismarck, ND 58505-0310
Phone: 701-328-3722
Fax: 701-328-2820
Website: www.nd.gov/ndic/ogrp-infopage.htm
Email: kfine@nd.gov
Coordinate a program designed to demonstrate to the general public the importance of the state oil and gas exploration and production industry, to encourage and promote the wise and efficient use of energy, to promote environmentally sound exploration and production methods and technologies, to develop the state's oil and gas resources, and to support research and educational activities concerning the oil and natural gas exploration and production industry. The Oil and Gas Research Council is composed of ten members, four of whom must currently be engaged in and have at least five years of active experience in the oil and natural gas exploration and production industry.

Member Name Position Work County Appt. Date Term Ends
Day, Ron Petroleum Council rep. (701) 250-1954 Morton 3/3/2016 10/15/2021
Dukart, Daryl County Commissioner (701) 400-6145 Dunn 3/3/2016 10/15/2021
Helms, Lynn D. Ex-Officio (701) 328-8025 Burleigh Open
Holen, Steve Oil & Gas Producing Counties (701) 444-3626 McKenzie 3/4/2016 10/15/2021
Kopseng, Ryan Petroleum Council rep. (701) 255-7970 Burleigh 10/15/2003 10/15/2022
Murphy, Ed Ex-Officio (701) 328-8002 Burleigh Open
Ness, Ronald Statutory - Executive Director (701) 223-6380 Burleigh 10/15/2003 Open
Schmidt, Darren Petroleum Council rep. (701) 875-3512 Williams 12/3/2018 10/15/2021
Sund, Vicky Petroleum Council Rep. (701) 420-7020 Ward 3/1/2017 10/15/2020