Workforce Safety and Insurance Coordinating Committee

Type of Board: Advisory Pay/Benefits:
Voting Members: 7 Other Members: 0
Non-Voting Members: 0 Created by: NDCC § 65-02-03.1
Length of Terms: Open
Frequency of Meetings:
Address: ,
A departing member representing an employer must be replaced by a member representing an employer, most of whose employees are in a different rate classification than those of the employer represented by the departing member. The governor shall appoint the member for an employer representative from a list of three potential candidates submitted by a coordinating committee appointed by the governor, composed of representatives from the associated general contractors of North Dakota, the North Dakota petroleum council, the greater North Dakota chamber of commerce, the North Dakota motor carriers association, the North Dakota hospital association, the national federation of independent business, the lignite energy council, and other statewide business interests.

Member Name Position Work County Appt. Date Term Ends
Blasl, Tim (701) 224-9732 Burleigh 1/16/2019 Open
Gerhart, Michael (701) 223-2700 Burleigh 1/16/2019 Open
Hanson, Russ (701) 223-2770 Burleigh 1/16/2019 Open
Ness, Ronald (701) 223-6380 Burleigh 1/16/2019 Open
Ritter, Alison The National Federation of Independent Business (701) 222-8721 Burleigh 2/7/2019 Open
Spencer, Arik (701) 222-0929 1/16/2019 Open
Straley, David (701) 222-7596 Burleigh 1/16/2019 Open