North Dakota Commission on Military Promotion and Strategic Sustainment (NDCOMPASS)

Type of Board: Other Pay/Benefits: n/a
Voting Members: 9 Other Members: 0
Non-Voting Members: 0 Created by: Executive order 2018-02
Length of Terms: 3 year terms, no term limits
Frequency of Meetings: At the call of the Chairman
Address: Camp Grafton Training Center J 5/9, North Dakota National Guard Camp Grafton, ND 58237
Phone: 701-665-7649
Contact: Lee Nordin
This Commission shall consist of nine (9) voting members appointed by the Governor, representing the interests of the National Guard and Reserve forces, representatives from military communities and state government. The Governor shall designate the Chair of the Commission. NDCOMPASS shall: 1) Develop a comprehensive statewide strategy to retain and promote North Dakota military installations and identify opportunities for sustainment and growth of relevant missions; 2) Promote policies and programs that highlight North Dakota as a military friendly state and enhance quality of life for military members and their families in our communities.

Member Name Position Work County Appt. Date Term Ends
Dohrmann, Alan Governor's Appointee (701) 333-2002 Burleigh 2/14/2018 3/1/2021
Ford, Thomas Governor's Appointee (701) 780-8288 Grand Forks 2/14/2018 3/1/2020
Hankla, Peter Governor's Appointee (701) 852-2544 Ward 2/14/2018 3/1/2021
Kommer, Michelle Governor's Appointee (701) 328-3708 Cass 2/13/2019 Open
Kramer, Brekka Governor's Appointee (701) 857-7205 Ward 2/14/2018 3/1/2020
Lund, Keith Governor's Appointee (701) 746-2722 Grand Forks 2/14/2018 3/1/2021
Sanford, Lt. Governor Brent Governor's Appointee-Chairman (701) 328-3550 Burleigh 2/14/2018 Open
Solberg, Ronald Governor's Appointee (701) 241-8582 Cass 2/14/2018 3/1/2021
Vacancy Vacant - Governor's Appointee (Cass) Terms 3/1/2020