K-12 Education Coordinating Council

Type of Board: Advisory Pay/Benefits: Per Diem as defined in Statute
Voting Members: 18 Other Members: 0
Non-Voting Members: 0 Created by: 15.1-01
Length of Terms: 4 years
Frequency of Meetings: 4 times per calendar year
Address: 600 E Blvd Ave 11th Floor Bismarck, ND 58505
Phone: (701) 328-4572
Email: cwoodstead@nd.gov
Contact: Caryn Woodstead
Council shall assist in the implementation, dissemination, and communication of the statewide strategic vision and evaluate progress toward Meeting the identified goas and strategies. Perform continuous review of the effectiveness and efficiency of access and delivery of education services and programs in the state. Identify opportunities for increased collaboration among state education entities and stakeholders. Identify gaps or duplications in education services and programs and provide recommendations for addressing those gaps or duplications. Study and evaluate new and emerging educational initiatives and trends and provide recommendations for policy changes to state entities or the legislative assembly if necessary. Support the implementation, dissemination, and communication of local or regional educational initiatives and practices, including innovative education programs, on a statewide level.

Member Name Position Work County Appt. Date Term Ends
Archuleta, Nick President of ND United or Designee (701) 223-0450 Morton 9/5/2019 8/31/2023
Baesler, Superintendent Kirsten Superintendent of DPI or Designee (701) 328-4572 Burleigh 9/5/2019 8/31/2023
Burgum, Governor Doug Governor or Designee (701) 328-2200 Burleigh 9/5/2019 8/31/2023
Copas, Aimee President of ND Council of Educational Leaders or Designee (701) 258-3022 Burleigh 9/5/2019 8/31/2023
Davison, Senator Kyle Legislative Assembly - Majority-Senate Cass 6/19/2019
Dick, Brandt President of ND Small Organized Schools or Designee (701) 442-3201 Burleigh 9/11/2019 8/31/2023
Duchscherer, Brian President of State Board for CTE or Designee (701) 652-3136 Foster 9/9/2019 8/31/2023
Fox, Wayne Representing a tribal school (701) 743-4350 McLean 9/5/2019 8/31/2021
Gandhi, Rupak Employed as a public school administrator (701) 446-1005 Cass 9/5/2019 8/31/2023
Heinert , Representative Pat Legislative Assembly - Majority-House (000) 000-0000 6/19/2019
Hoherz, Kevin Employed as a public school principal (701) 456-0030 Stark 9/5/2019 8/31/2022
Leitner, Philip President of ND School Counselor Association or Designee (701) 549-3751 9/9/2019 8/31/2023
Oban, Senator Erin Legislative Assembly -Minorty-House/Senate Burleigh 6/19/2019
Schaefer, Lucas Director of a regional education assoc (701) 751-4041 Ward 9/5/2019 8/31/2023
Strand, Michelle Employed as a public school teacher Cass 9/5/2019 8/31/2023
Stromsodt, Holly President of ND School Boards Assoc or Designee (701) 524-1921 Steele 9/19/2019 8/31/2023
Vollmer, Melissa Director of a special education unit (701) 228-3743 Pierce 9/5/2019 8/31/2022
Weber, Jennifer Statewide longitudinal data system committee (701) 328-4103 Burleigh 9/5/2019 8/31/2021