Commission on Juvenile Justice

Type of Board: Advisory Pay/Benefits: A member of the commission who is not a state employee is entitled to reimbursement for mileage and expenses as provided by law for state officers and employees to be paid by the department of corrections and rehabilitation. A state employee who is a member of the commission is entitled to receive that employee's regular salary and is entitled to reimbursement for mileage and expenses to be paid by the employing agency. A member of the commission who is a member of the legislative assembly is entitled to receive per diem compensation at the rate provided under section 54-35-10 for each day performing official duties of the commission. The legislative council shall pay the per diem compensation and reimbursement for travel and expenses as provided by law for any member of the commission who is a member of the legislative assembly
Voting Members: 16 Other Members: 0
Non-Voting Members: 0 Created by: NDCC 50-06-43.2
Length of Terms: 2 years
Frequency of Meetings: At least 4 times per year
Address: ,
The commission shall: a. Review chapter 27-20; b. Gather information concerning issues of child welfare, including education, abuse, and neglect; c. Receive reports and testimony from individuals, state and local agencies, community-based organizations, and other public and private organizations, in furtherance of the commission's duties; d. Advise effective intervention, resources, and services for children; e. Report to and be subject to the oversight of the children's cabinet; and f. Annually submit to the governor and the legislative management a report with the commission's findings and recommendations which may include a legislative strategy to implement the recommendations.

Member Name Position Work County Appt. Date Term Ends
Baesler, Superintendent Kirsten Supt of Public Instruction or Designee (701) 328-4572 Burleigh Open
Bakke, Senator JoNell Legislative Appointment - Senate - Minority (701) 775-6031 Grand Forks Open
Bakken Oliver, Leslie Governor or Designee (701) 328-2204 Burleigh
Bjergaard, Lisa Dir of Dept of Corrections and Rehabilitations Division of Juvenile services or Designee (701) 328-6674 Open
Davis, Scott Exec Dir of Indian Affairs or Designee (701) 328-2428 Burleigh Open
Elkin, Senator Jay Legislative Appointment - Senate - Majority (701) 974-3583 Stark Open
Finck, Travis Representative from the Commission on legal counsel for indigents (701) 845-8867 Barnes Open
Frissell, Anna Children's Advocacy Center Rep (701) 234-4583 Cass 9/11/2019 8/31/2021
Hanson, Representative Karla Legislative Appointment - House - Minority Cass Open
Klemin, Representative Lawrence Legislative Appointment - House - Majority (701) 222-2577 Burleigh Open
Koppelman, Representative Kim Legislative Appointment - House - Majority (701) 492-7317 Cass Open
Kringlie, Karen Supreme Court Appointment - Dir of Juvenile Court Services (701) 241-5866 Cass Open
Larson, Senator Diane Legislative Appointment - Senate - Majority (701) 400-7219 Burleigh Open
Sagness, Pamela Exec Dir of Human Services or Designee (701) 328-8824 Burleigh Open
Vaagen, Tessa Governor Appointment - States Attorney (701) 222-6672 Burleigh 9/30/2019 Open
Ziegler, Jason City Police Dept. Rep (701) 391-1753 Morton 9/30/2019 Open