Uniform State Laws, Commission on

Type of Board: Policy Making Pay/Benefits: Federal Commission reimburses
Voting Members: 12 Other Members: 0
Non-Voting Members: 0 Created by: NDCC § 54-55-01
Length of Terms: 4 years, no term limits
Frequency of Meetings: 2 times a year
Address: 211 East Ontario Street Suite 1300 Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) 450-6606
Website: http://www.uniformlaws.org/Default.aspx
Email: lsou@uniformlaws.org
Contact: Leang K. Sou
The commission on uniform state laws consists of an individual engaged in the practice of law in this state, the dean or a full-time member of the faculty of the law school of the university of North Dakota, a law-trained judge of a court of record in this state, a member of the house of representatives and a member of the senate of the legislative assembly, and a member of the legislative council. The commission also consists of any residents of this state who, because of long service in the cause of uniformity of state legislation, have been elected life members of the national conference of commissioners on uniform state laws, and may also consist of any residents of this state who have been previously appointed to at least five years of service on the commission.

Member Name Position Work County Appt. Date Term Ends
Anderson, Owen Life Member Griggs Open
Buringrud, Jay E. Life Member (701) 258-3923 Burleigh Open
Clark, Jennifer Legislative Appointee/Secretary (701) 328-2916 Burleigh 12/18/2015 Open
Grossman, Parrell D. Attorney General Appointee (701) 328-5570 Burleigh 9/1/2017 Open
Hagerty, Gail Life Member (701) 222-6682 Burleigh Open
Hogue, Senator David Legislative Appointee (701) 852-0381 Ward 9/1/2001 8/31/2023
Klemin, Representative Lawrence Legislative Appointee - Chairman (701) 222-2577 Burleigh 9/1/1999 8/31/2023
Myers, Professor Bradley Governor's Appointee (701) 777-2228 Grand Forks 9/17/2007 8/31/2021
Nething, Dave Governor's Appointee (701) 252-7385 Stutsman 9/1/2018 8/31/2022
Rodenbiker, Jake Governor's Appointee (701) 297-7400 Cass 9/1/2013 8/31/2021
Tufte, Jerod Governor's Appointee (701) 328-4212 Kidder 9/1/2015 8/31/2021
Zierdt, Candace Member (218) 779-3821 Regional Open