Pardon Advisory Board

Type of Board: Advisory Pay/Benefits: State Rate
Voting Members: 5 Other Members: 0
Non-Voting Members: 0 Created by: NDCC § 12-55.1-02
Length of Terms: Open
Frequency of Meetings: Twice a year
Address: PO Box 5521 Bismarck, ND 58506-5521
Phone: (701) 328-6712
Fax: (701) 328-6780
Contact: Steve Hall
The board shall provide information and make recommendation to the governor concerning any matters involving pardons or commutations of sentence. Two citizen members and two representatives from the Parole Board are appointed by the governor, and the attorney general also serves.

Member Name Position Work County Appt. Date Term Ends
Adams, Bev Governor's Appointee Cass 8/27/2001 Open
Lamb, Carmelita Parole Board (701) 355-8186 Burleigh 1/19/2008 Open
Stenehjem, Attorney General Wayne Statutory (701) 328-2210 Burleigh Open
Thompson, Jennifer Governor's Appointee (701) 234-9889 Cass 2/7/2019 Open
Weir, Patrick Parole Board - Chairman (701) 400-3712 Billings 8/9/2016 Open