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BISMARCK, N.D. (May 3, 2017) – Gov. Doug Burgum has signed the remaining bills from the recently adjourned 2017 legislative session, exercising his veto authority on nine additional bills to reduce spending and protect executive branch authority and the flexibility needed to reinvent government.

“We deeply appreciate the Legislature’s good work this session, evidenced by the fact I signed 430 bills with no line-item vetoes, including 43 appropriations bills,” Burgum said. “Where I did exercise veto authority, I did so to clearly delineate between executive and legislative powers and to prioritize spending at a time when fiscal restraint is essential.”

The Legislature adjourned sine die last Thursday. Burgum had 15 business days to sign bills delivered to the governor’s office within the last three days of session.

The governor signed a total of 440 bills, including 10 appropriations bills that contained a partial line-item veto. Three bills were vetoed in their entirety.

“The state’s balance sheet is strong, and even with reduced budgets, every state agency has the opportunity going forward to focus on innovation and doing more with less. With budgets set, we’re enthusiastic about reinventing state government to become more efficient and responsive to taxpayers,” Burgum said.

Copies of the governor’s veto messages to the Legislature are attached.

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