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The State of North Dakota will initiate the process of recruitment for a new Chief People Officer (CPO) after CPO Kelsey Roth reconsidered her recent appointment and resigned the post Tuesday to return to the private sector.

“I want to thank Gov. Burgum for this opportunity and for being understanding about my change of heart and decision to stay in Fargo at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota,” Roth said. “North Dakota state government is headed in the right direction by working toward a unified approach to human resources and focusing on enhancing recruitment, retention, performance and productivity, and I wish the Burgum-Sanford administration all the best.”

The CPO is state government’s top workforce strategist and organizational development leader, serving as a member of the governor’s cabinet and as leader of Human Resources Management Services (HRMS), a division of the Office of Management and Budget. An interim CPO will be named by the end of November.

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